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So Many Prayers, So Little Time (?)

Posted on April 20, 2022
“What if I don’t have time to pray both The Rosary and The Divine Mercy Chaplet?” Deciding how to spend your time in prayer can be difficult, especially when you’re deciding between two powerhouse prayers like The Rosary and The [read more...]

Evening of Prayer & Hope After Abortion

Posted on March 12, 2022
St. Francis de Sales Church is hosting an “Evening of Prayer and Hope After Abortion” on April 5, 2022, from 7:00 – 8:15. Please join them for scripture-based prayer and meditation in a loving, peaceful and respectful atmosphere. All are welcome. Come [read more...]

Thankful, Mindful, Prayerful

Posted on March 1, 2022
First Sunday of Lent My brothers and sisters, as Lent has begun, we will be spending these 40 days preparing for the most important feast in the Church: Easter, the resurrection of Jesus Christ. In order to prepare for his [read more...]

FORMED Video: Jesus, The Model & Master of Prayer

Posted on February 28, 2022
JESUS: THE MODEL AND MASTER OF PRAYER Dr. Brant Pitre, Scripture scholar and bestselling author, uses biblical and historical evidence to bolster the “case for Jesus” by exposing the problems with the many false theories that have been introduced over [read more...]

Come Together…

Posted on February 1, 2022
With all the COVID-related angst bombarding us, wearing us down, grinding our spirits, and causing division within our parish community, let us remember who is truly in charge, and who taught us by example and the sacrifice of His life, [read more...]