Helpful Links

Please find these helpful links to other Catholic Christian sites!

UNITED STATES CONFERENCE OF CATHOLIC BISHOPS (USCCB.ORG) – the USCCB is an assembly of the hierarchy of the United States and who jointly exercise certain pastoral functions on behalf of the Christian faithful of the United States. The purpose of the Conference is to promote the greater good which the Church offers humankind, especially through forms and programs of the apostolate fittingly adapted to the circumstances of time and place.  You can find a variety of resources here including the Bible, the daily readings, the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC), and more!

ARCHDIOCESE OF CHICAGO WEBSITE – Everything you need to know about our Chicago Archdiocese!

THE VATICAN WEBSITE – Daily Meditations, encyclicals, homilies, letters, photos, videos, events – everything you can image!

WORD ON FIRE CATHOLIC MINSTRIES (WORDONFIRE.ORG) – Word on Fire Catholic Ministries is a nonprofit global media apostolate that supports the work of Bishop Robert Barron and reaches millions of people to draw them into – or back to – the Catholic faith.  You will find a treasure trove of articles, online videos, books, and other resources about the faith, current events, and evangelization.

BISHOP BARRON’S DAILY GOSPEL REFLECTIONS – Subscribe here to receive a daily reflection in your inbox.

RELEVANT RADIO WEBSITE – America’s talk radio network for Catholics bringing Christ to the world through the media.  Faithful to the Magisterium and Catechism of the Catholic Church.  United to the Bishops. Under the protective intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Listen on our local station – 950AM

MAGIS CENTER (MAGISCENTER.COM) – Get clear and credible responses to the vexing questions raised by science and modern life.

THE WILD GOOSE MINISTRY – The Wild Goose was a term that the ancient Celts had for the Holy Spirit. The Wild Goose Project is a simple attempt to invite Catholic Christians into a more profound life giving relationship with the Holy Spirit.

NATIONAL CATHOLIC REGISTER – A Catholic news service.