Featured Video: Catholic Spirituality & Baseball

Posted on June 27, 2022
Believe it or not, baseball can shed much light on our spiritual lives through its familiar images. Dr. Tim Gray and Dr. Michael Barber discuss how these seemingly different topics relate to one another. While watching this video you’ll be [read more...]

Authentic Peace, True Happiness

Posted on June 27, 2022
In today’s Gospel, we hear how Jesus sends off seventy-two disciples to share the good news. In the Book of Genesis, there are seventy-two nations. The number 72 indicates the good news that the Kingdom of God is at hand [read more...]

Father Mike’s Independence Day Special

Posted on June 27, 2022
It might be tough not to feel patriotic after hearing why Fr. Mike Schmitz loves America in this video. More importantly, though, he talks about the “burden of freedom” and explains why true freedom requires wisdom, virtue, and a thorough [read more...]

Prayer for Convocation of Priests

Posted on June 27, 2022
Convocation of priests of the Archdiocese of Chicago While we need  priests, much of the weight falls on our shoulders. Priests, bishops, and the cardinal need our prayers daily. Without them, they are more likely to fall when the next temptation [read more...]

Father Dominic’s Farewell Mass Homily

Posted on June 26, 2022
On Sunday, June 26, Father Dominic celebrated his Farewell Mass with Our Lady of the Wayside’s faithful.  Here is is beautiful Farewell Homily from this mass. To see photos from Father’s Farewell Reception following mass, click here.

Hell is Easier to Choose Than You Think

Posted on June 22, 2022
Is Judas in Hell? The overwhelming consensus over time is that he must be. But has the Church proclaimed that he definitely is? Surprisingly… no. Why?

Living the Gospel in a Secular World

Posted on June 21, 2022
How do I fit the practice of my faith into the demands of everyday life? Putting our faith into action is the challenge of every believer. We are pulled between making time for prayer and good works on the one [read more...]