Humble Beginnings

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On this Third Sunday of Advent, we are reminded, yet again, that Jesus is coming. But how will He come? The Gospels reveal to us that Jesus came not as a great leader, not as a warrior, not as a politician or a soldier, but as a little child. A baby. Our Savior became a little baby—a person like us—so that we might be close to him.

We all know that little babies are helpless and defenseless. A little baby cannot do anything on his own. We also know that when a little child is born, this child brings so much joy to a family. And Jesus, by being humble and coming to us as a little baby, wants to bring us the joy of salvation. Jesus also wants to be close to us like a little baby is close to his mother and father—and He seems this today when we receive Him, helpless and defenseless, in the Eucharist.
At the end of today’s Gospel, Jesus said “the least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than [St. John the Baptist].” The least in the Kingdom are those people who are humble before God.

By becoming a little child, a tiny helpless baby, Jesus gives us the perfect example of humility—of someone who depends on God for everything.

I would like to invite you to take some time to thank Jesus for His coming into the world as a little child. Take some time also to thank Jesus for teaching us to be humble. Let us await the coming of Jesus like we would await the coming of a new family member: with expectancy, joy, and gratitude.

Yours in Christ,
Father Arthur

Readings for the Third Sunday of Advent: Lectionary 7

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