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Consolation in Christ

Posted on June 20, 2023
This Sunday’s reading should reassure us of God’s love and bring us peace. When Jesus tells us that we are worth more to Him than many sparrows, this is clearly a drastic understatement. What the Lord tells us by His [read more...]

Anything But Ordinary

Posted on June 13, 2023
This weekend, after a rich season of solemnities, we return to ordinary time within the Church calendar. But, is any time really ordinary when our lives are filled with the beautiful mysteries of our faith and when we have a [read more...]

God’s Greatest Gift

Posted on June 6, 2023
What we think of as our lives—the joys and sorrows, the ups and downs of work, marriage, schooling, religious practice and everything that occupies us—is nothing more than the spiritual, physical, emotional, and moral desert in which the Israelites found [read more...]

Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Posted on May 30, 2023
St. Athanasias once wrote: “God became man so that man might become God.” The Gospel reading affirms this: God the Father gave His only Son, Jesus, so that we might have eternal life. By becoming human, Jesus made it possible [read more...]

Call on the Holy Spirit

Posted on May 23, 2023
On this, the Solemnity of Pentecost, we celebrate the birthday of the Church. The momentous event of the descent of the Holy Spirit onto the Apostles reminds us of two very important dimensions of a life of faith: the vertical [read more...]

Enlightened Perspective

Posted on May 16, 2023
To Christians living in the 21st century, it might seem surprising that the Apostles still did not fully understand Jesus or God’s plan when Jesus ascended into Heaven. After all that Jesus had explained to them even after His resurrection, [read more...]

God’s Rights?

Posted on May 9, 2023
In Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus says “‘If you love me, you will keep My Commandments’” (Jn 14:15). For many today, the idea of following God’s commandments is considered old-fashioned, repressed, and passé; only rigid and closed-minded people keep God’s commandments. With [read more...]

Risen and With Us Always

Posted on April 4, 2023
The beginning and the end, the past and future meet and are fulfilled on this day when Jesus has risen. Jesus Christ died, but He lives! Today the Easter message is more urgent than ever. The state of our faith, [read more...]


Posted on December 27, 2022
It is a beautiful occurrence for the first day of this New Year to fall on Sunday and on the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God. It is as if God wants to tell us that this year Our Lady [read more...]

A Savior is Born!

Posted on December 20, 2022
My Dear Parishioners, With so many uncertainties in our life we need constant assurance of God’s love for us. Despite the world’s denial of faith in Christ, we must remind ourselves that the message of salvation is still relevant today. [read more...]