Have Hope!

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32nd Sunday Ordinary Time, Year C

Before man was created, the world was created through different processes. No one talked about cataclysms or catastrophes because man did not yet exist.

When God created man, feelings and emotions such as hope, fear, sadness, uncertainty, and despair appeared. Man began to question what would happen in the future, what is happening now, and what happened in the past. Man started to inquire about the meaning of his existence, of life, of death, and of suffering.

Sometimes natural catastrophes such as the ice age, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes and plagues happened. There were also catastrophes caused by humans such a war and pandemic sickness. In the midst of these natural and unnatural catastrophes, man lived with hope. He had hope. He has hope. I think most people throughout our world have hope about their future life.

On the other hand, there exists the opposite of hope — feelings of hopelessness, doubt and despair. Sometimes we meet people who say, “Everything is changing and passing away and I, too, am also passing away.” Such individuals are very depressed because they do not believe that after death there is life. Their hope is only in the present world, and so they think: I need to make money. I must have a good time. Life must be pleasurable now because after I die there is nothing.

We as Catholics, however, see everything in a different light because we believe in God. In today’s Gospel, the Sadducees questioned the resurrection, which they did not believe in. Jesus responded to their questions, reminding them that the prophets spoke about the resurrection. Jesus, Himself, is the Resurrection. And so, Jesus is our hope. Heaven is our hope. We have hope!

Take some quiet time this peaceful Sunday to reflect on what your source of hope is. Take some time, and tell Jesus: “Thank You, Jesus, for giving me hope, that one day I will be united with You in Heaven.”

Yours in Christ,
Father Arthur

Readings for the thirty-second week in Ordinary Time: Lectionary 156


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