Strive to Imitate The Holy Family This Coming Year

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Feast of the Holy Family

The Son of God, Jesus Christ, came into the world and was born of a virgin, whose name was Mary. He was raised under the care of the just man, St. Joseph. In the home in Nazareth, He learned from Mary and Joseph how to love, to trust, to care, and to serve. And the three of them were united in a mutual love and respect.

Many of us would like to think that life was easier and better in the past. While this might be true in some regards, in other respects it is not. Difficult experiences awaited the Holy Family. First, Mary and Joseph had to flee to Egypt when they heard that Herod intended to kill Jesus. This also meant that they had to learn how to live in a different culture, how to speak a different language, and how to establish their life together in a foreign place. When the Holy Family entered and lived in Egypt, they were persecuted and refused work because, as the Christ-Child walked the paths of Egyptian cities, the people’s idols would collapse and be destroyed. They were no match for God, Who was in their midst, but this angered the people. When Jesus was older, Mary and Joseph experienced great anxiety thinking that He was lost, only to find Him in His Father’s house. Nothing, however, could threaten the Holy Family, because they were united in trust, love and faith. They believed in God and trusted in His providential care for them.

As we come closer to the end of this year and the beginning of the New Year, we face the reality that new trials and difficulties await us. But, each of us is a member of a family, whether by blood or by faith. For this reason,

“I would like to invite you to strive this upcoming year to imitate the Holy Family. I would like to encourage you to try to establish relationships with your family members and spiritual friends—relationships centered on God and founded on faith, trust, prayer, and loving service. In this way, when we find ourselves experiencing difficulties, helplessness and anxiety, we might be able to turn to our friends and family for support. We might be able to see in them the face of God who loves us.”

I would also like to encourage you to invite the Holy Family into your own life and family. Strive to think about Jesus, Mary and Joseph as members of your own family—as family who cares about you and desires to help you along your path to God.

Yours in Christ,
Father Arthur

Readings for the Feast of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph: Lectionary 17


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