Living With Childlike Faith

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25th Sunday in Ordinary Time – Year B

In the Gospel Jesus tells us that we should be like children. What does it means to be like a child in the 21st century? It means to look at the world through the eyes of faith. Faith transforms how we see everything and gives us a different way of understanding difficulties. Faith gives us a sense of security knowing that we are immersed in God’s Love.

Thanks to faith, we discover that, contrary to what we think, we are not the protagonists of history—God is. When we look at the world like a child, we discover God’s presence in everything: society, social events, the economy, our difficulties, our everyday lives. God is everywhere. Everything depends on Him, and He speaks through every event. He holds the fate of the world and each of us in His own hands.

Today, the weather, the economy, our families—so much that we know seems to be in a state of havoc, reminding us that we need to turn to God like little children and put our faith in Him. For a long time, it has been easy to rely on the comforts of home, more predictable weather patterns, less polarity in the political sphere, life without coronavirus, a more consistent and unified voice in the Church, and more reasoned and reasonable thinking and behavior among people. As these aspects of our lives and the world as we knew it seems to crumble before us, God is providing us with an amazing opportunity to allow Him to be the protagonist of history. He is inviting us to turn to Him in prayer, to trust in His assistance, and to have faith that—no matter what happens—He will guide us and provide for us as Our Loving Father in Heaven.

When we begin to live with childlike faith, then we, like the saints, will experience peace, joy, and happiness even in the greatest challenges. And who knows? Perhaps God will even give us the grace and courage to become saints ourselves in the process.

Yours in Christ,
Father Arthur

PS: I’d like to offer my special thanks to all leaders and volunteers who participated in Our Lady of the Wayside’s Ministry Fair last Sunday. Your hard work and dedication to our parish is deeply appreciated! I’d also like to encourage those not involved in ministries to prayerfully consider joining at least one. Discipleship is not a passive activity.

Readings for the 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time: Lectionary 134

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