“Why Are You Afraid?”

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12th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Like Job and the disciples in this Sunday’s readings, we experience many different kinds of fears, sufferings, and uncertainties. Often it can seem to us like we are in the dark and do not know what to do while the storms of life rage around us. Sometimes we are shocked by the unexpected death of someone close to us or the sudden loss of a job. At other times, we must make difficult decisions in hectic and stressful circumstances. In all of this, we might even question if God exists and if He really does care for us. As Scripture reminds us time and time again, God is present and He wants us to have faith in Him—faith that He is the Ruler and Creator of the entire universe.

Knowing that God is the Creator of the entire universe, Job was able to trust in God’s omnipotent care. Having witnessed that Jesus had the power to command nature, the Apostles were filled with awe and their faith deepened. God calls us to have the same trust, the same faith, and the same awe. In fact, if you were to skim the news, natural phenomena have been occurring everywhere throughout the world and even within universe lately: eclipses, volcanoes, solar flares, earthquakes. Nature is reminding us that God is in charge, and His greatest desire is our spiritual good and our soul’s safety. Christ asks the Apostles then and us now: “Why are you afraid? Do you not yet have faith?”

In our trials and uncertainties, our sufferings and stresses, but also in our joys and peace, let us turn to God in faith. Let us trust that He is our Father and Creator Who is always present in our lives. Let us believe in what we know to be true: that He wants only the best for us, because He loves us even more than we love ourselves.

Yours in Christ,
Father Arthur

Readings for the 12th Sunday of Ordinary Time: Lectionary 95


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