Prayers for Shepherds and Unsung Heroes

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4th Sunday of Easter 

We are fascinated by and honor those who risk their lives for others. We call these people heroes. Apart from those mentioned on the news, many unsung heroes whose deeds go unnoticed surround us. These ordinary people do simple, mundane acts every day to enable each one of us to live and enjoy life. Mothers stay awake all night with their sick children, and fathers work tiring hours in order to support their families. Grandmothers worry about their grandchildren and children who have left the Church and pray for their conversion. Many missionaries and religious help the poor, the sick and dying, the unborn, and the forgotten. These individuals sacrifice their lives because they love. They are the hidden heroes through whom God comes to us and shows us His Love.

As Christians, our greatest hero is Jesus. Although we never really speak about Jesus in this way, He is the one who sacrificed His life for us so to save us from sin and give us eternal life. In the Gospel, Jesus reminds us that those who shepherd the Church must imitate Him by being ready to lay down their lives for the people entrusted to them. He shows us that to serve means to work, to live, and to suffer for others.

As priests, we are called in a particular way to imitate Jesus by guiding, serving, and laying down our lives for you. Needless to say, we priests are not perfect like the Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ. We need your prayers and support to have the strength and courage we need to follow Jesus’ example in our world and culture, which are so hostile to the Christian message and Truth. Through your prayers for the shepherds in the Church, which God listens to, you are our special, silent heroes.

To those who pray faithfully for the Holy Father, bishops, and priests, I express my deep gratitude. I reassure you that as one of your shepherds, I pray for you, because you are dear to my heart as my family members in faith.

Yours in Christ,
Father Arthur

Readings for the Fourth Sunday of Easter: Lectionary 50

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