Lent: A Time of Preparation for our Ultimate Goal

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4th Sunday of Lent – Year B

To truly live our lives means to continue moving forward in an effort to follow God’s will in a given moment, on a given day. That which we have already done and the decisions we have already made have passed away irreversibly. Before us are the new demands, requirements, and situations through which God wishes to free us from ourselves, from self-love, and from egoism so that we may attain the goal: Heaven.

To live in Christ means to become a true Christian. Jesus says that whoever believes in Him will not be condemned. To believe in Jesus; to grow in the virtues of faith, hope, and love; to continually deepen our faithfulness to the teachings of the Church by learning what these teachings are and following them; and to live so that our entire life exemplifies what we believe are what it means to be truly Christ-like. If our hearts are sensitive and perceptive to God, then we will discover that God does not leave us in peace during this life until we are fully united with Him.

I would like to invite you to ask yourselves: How am I a witness to my belief in God’s Love for me? Do I live as a true Catholic Christian? How do I love God and others in return? These are not easy questions to answer. They require that we think, reflect, and examine our lives. They also require that we respond and make changes where necessary. Lent is a time for change and conversion. Therefore, I would like to encourage you to take some time during this Lenten season to take the necessary steps to open your hearts to God’s Love and follow His will. Then, God in turn can help us move forward and ultimately reach the goal that is set before us; He will help us attain Heaven.

Yours in Christ,
Father Arthur

Readings for the Fourth Sunday of Lent: Lectionary 32

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