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Dear OLW Parishioners,

For those following breaking events through Our Lady of the Wayside’s digital communications channels (this website, our Facebook  page, our Wayside Wednesday e-newsletter) you know our parish transitioned from “doors closed” to “doors open” – hurtling through Archdiocese and State of Illinois Phase I, IA, and II directives – in just two weeks’ time!

On Friday, June 5, with profound joy, Father Artur Marat and the Reopening Team proclaimed our church doors are open for Sunday MassPrivate Prayer & Adoration, the Sacrament of ReconciliationBaptism, Funerals and Weddings.  While attendance is limited, we have every intention of expanding numbers as the Archdiocese, State of Illinois directives, and parishioner safety allow.

While the wheels were spinning on training more than 120 dedicated parishioner volunteer “doers” to support church reopening efforts, OLW School’s staff, students (and parents) powered through the remainder of the school year remotely – with impressive creativity, finesse and perseverance.  Congratulations to all graduates!  To add to the excitement, last week we also learned the Archdiocese appointed Fr. Artur to be Our Lady of the Wayside’s new pastor!  Please extend a warm welcome to our new Shepherd when your paths cross.  How is that for an eventful two weeks?! 

Additional information on all – including photos and videos – can be found in the “News” section of our parish and school web sites and Facebook pages.  Please visit frequently.  We also encourage you to subscribe to Wayside Wednesday, our parish e-newsletter, using the “Subscribe” link at the bottom of any website page.  Don’t be the last to learn of late-breaking news and events as we resume masses, ministries and other parish activities.

Finally, we have one especially important favor to ask OLW parishioners.  Please spread the news – particularly to those without access to digital communication tools like a computer or e-mail.  We are one Our Lady of the Wayside family.  Reach out to all who have been isolated, and possibly out of touch, for the past three months.  Like the disciples Jesus calls us to be, spread the good news and share the joy!

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