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Laughing at Death?

Posted on July 26, 2022
Death. How’s that for starting out on a bright note? Seriously though. For something so certain and absolutely going to happen, it’s strange we don’t consider and talk about this subject more. The Bible reminds us, ‘Teach us to number [read more...]

Chris Stefanick: There IS a God

Posted on December 13, 2021
Presents don’t appear under a Christmas tree because they put themselves there—you can assume there’s a gift-giver, right? In the same way, everything made of matter has some origin outside of itself—from your chair, to your morning coffee, to YOU, [read more...]

Who Needs Religion Anymore?

Posted on November 16, 2021
Who needs religion anymore today?  For the first time in history, the religious debate has shifted from “Which God should we worship?” to “Why bother worshipping anything?” In this short video, Chris Stefanick shares EXACTLY who needs religion—and why being [read more...]

How is Racism or Sexual Abuse Like Abortion?

Posted on October 8, 2021
How is racism like abortion? For that matter, how is it like sexual abuse? It’s because ALL of them reflect the original temptation of the serpent in the Garden of Eden—to become LIKE gods WITHOUT God. How do we defy [read more...]

Chris Stefanick: The One Solution

Posted on October 1, 2021
We’re crushed by every agenda, on every side: in the media, the workplace, and sometimes by your own families. And yet I’m JOYFUL. I’m HOPEFUL. Why? Because I have THE solution. I’ll let you in on my secret in this [read more...]

Should Christians Believe in Karma?

Posted on September 14, 2021
Is Karma good? No. However, GRACE is! You have a loving God who wants to pour his love, mercy, and grace into your life. Let him. Watch the video below to learn more. Source: Real Life Catholic  

Does God Care About “Self-Care”?

Posted on August 31, 2021
Do you prioritize self-care like it’s urgent and important? Or are the people you love only getting the most burnt-out version of you? You know, your basic needs are a priority to God—they need to be a priority to YOU, [read more...]