Prayer of Thanks and Gratitude

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Lord, I thank you for imparting your strength to me through the sacraments. I thank You, Jesus, for filling my heart with Your Love. You do not demand that we love each other with empty hearts, but hearts overflowing with Your mercy and goodness. You know that without You we can do nothing. And so, when I am united with you like a branch is united to the vine, my life bears abundant fruit. Thank You, Lord, for your Providence; nothing and no one is lost to You. And I thank You, Sweet Jesus, for giving me the possibility to do what, from a human point of view, appears to be impossible.

Lord, please give me the grace to listen to Your voice and teach me to pray. Thank You for Your Love, which is eternal. Thank You for giving me the strength to Love. Thank You, Jesus, for loving all people without preference or exception; for, as You said, You make the sun rise on the bad and the good alike.

Thank You, God the Father, for the beautiful words of Cardinal Hume: “Every moment we feel kindness toward anyone, and when we perceive in another person what is good and kind, we undergo a valuable experience. Through this experience, God shows us how He Himself looks upon us.”

Readings for the Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time: Lectionary 71

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