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Today is Gaudate Sunday—a day of great joy and anticipation of Jesus’ birth. Advent is more than halfway over. Christmas will soon be upon us. But, are we prepared? Are your hearts prepared for the coming of Jesus? Are you people of responsible and mature faith? By this I mean, do you act according to what you believe in your heart?

Do you rely on Jesus? Or, do you rely more on yourself and what other people think about you? Do you act more out of a desire to please others, than out of a desire to be faithful to Christ? Do you live by the Ten Commandments? In other words, do you think about what Jesus wants for you? Do you have a special respect for Jesus, who came to the earth, lived and died for you? The same Jesus, who is here present in our parish church?

Advent is about discovering the living Presence of Jesus in our lives. It is about becoming more faithful to Him, not only in words, but also in actions.

The greatness of John the Baptist exists in the fact not only that he was called by God, but that he recognized God’s call and was faithful to this call. He was faithful to his vocation, and he served God in a very dedicated way. He showed people that Christ was among them.

We still have time to recognize Christ’s call and His presence among us during this Advent. He is here in the tabernacle. He is present in each moment of our lives. He always knocks on the doors of our hearts, asking us to make room for Him. And, He is speaking to us through other people, just as he spoke through St. John the Baptist.

Yours in Christ,
Father Arthur

Readings for the Third Sunday of Advent: Lectionary 8

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