He Will Come Again…

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In today’s reading, St. Peter says that, for the Lord, one day is like a thousand years. And a thousand years is like one day. Jesus is merciful, and He gives people time for their conversion, because He wants to redeem and save each person; Jesus wants each person to have a clear conscience as well as pure actions and thoughts. And, this takes time. It takes time for man to discover God and to learn to live according to His Love. Fortunately, time is unlimited in God’s eyes. In Heaven there is no time.

Our world continues in time. Yet, the history of the world is the history of God’s Love for us. God wants to perfect this world, and He wants to perfect each of us, in order to guide us to our fullness. He does not want to blow up and destroy. Rather, through the events of our daily lives, we see how God wants to help each of us cooperate with His grace so that we may be prepared for His coming and for Heaven.

The second coming of Christ is good news. We should not be afraid of the end of the world or the second coming of Christ. For when Jesus comes again, just as He is coming to us in this Eucharist in the Word and Sacrament, he will come in order to invite us into the Kingdom of Heaven. Today, in this very Eucharist, Jesus is coming to us. Very soon we will encounter Him in Holy Communion. Therefore, I would like to invite you to receive Jesus in the Eucharist with trust and with joy. This is how we can best prepare for the second coming of Christ, because the Eucharist is the source of graces, the source of Love.

Yours in Christ,
Father Arthur

Readings for the Second Sunday of Advent: Lectionary 5

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