Christ the King

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On this last Sunday of ordinary time in the Church year, we celebrate Christ Our King. Jesus Christ is present in the Church all of the time. He is our Head, our Leader, our King and our Lord. He is present in the community of the faithful. He is present through the Sacraments. And He is present par excellence in the Eucharist.

When we participate in the Eucharistic sacrifice of the Mass, we discover the Real presence of Jesus. Therefore, it is very important to realize who Jesus is and what happens on the altar during the Mass, because Jesus in body, soul, and divinity is really present. Just imagine how a convert to Catholicism must feel when he receives Jesus in the Eucharist for the first time. He may receive His Body and Blood with trembling hands and lips. This person’s faith that it is really God is alive because he really believes that the Living God enters his or her heart. He finds himself face to face with the living God, with the King of the Universe. When we find ourselves before God who is a Mystery, then we too should tremble before His Love and His Majesty.

We have just celebrated Thanksgiving, a day to recall all that we are grateful for. Above all else, let us be grateful for Our King and Lord—Our Great God—Who humbled Himself by becoming a man so that we could receive Him in the Eucharist. If we are grateful from the depths of our hearts, then Jesus Christ the King will be able to give us many more special graces.

Yours in Christ,
Father Arthur

Readings for the 34th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Solemnity of Christ the King): Lectionary 160

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