Worth The Effort

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In this Sunday’s Gospel we hear the parable about the sower. Jesus speaks through parables because He wants to push us to search for the truth within the parables and within our lives. He wants us to search for Him, because He is Truth.

Today Jesus invites us to make an effort to try to understand His words and to discern His Presence by meditating on the Scripture through prayer.

If we want to do something well, then we must make an effort. It does not matter what it is—whether we want to do something well at work, at home, in school—we must strive to do our best. If we want to grow in faith and a deeper relationship with Jesus, then we must take time to pray and to be with Him. We must make this a priority in our busy lives.

I would like to invite you to ask yourselves: “Am I ready to make an effort to grow deeper in my relationship with Jesus and in faith? Am I willing to really try to discover the truth and to live according to the Truth?” If you are ready and willing, then Jesus waits to reveal Himself to you with joy. If you discover that you are not ready, please know that Jesus loves you and is always merciful and waits for you to ask Him for His help and His grace.

Yours in Christ,
Father Arthur

Readings for the 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time: Lectionary 103

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