The Kingdom of God is in Our Midst

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We often hear news reports about bad behavior on airplanes, about people who become unruly and irritable, making demands on the cabin crew and inconveniencing the rest of the passengers by delaying the flight or just making the trip unpleasant. I had a much different experience on a recent flight.

It was fully booked and crowded with parents and their children. A mother was doing her best traveling with two small children while carrying a baby in her arms. People were solicitous of her during the flight, and when we landed, many offered to help retrieve her luggage from the overhead compartment. One even held the mother’s infant as she unbuckled her other two children to leave the plane.

People were tired, the flight was delayed, the space was cramped, but people stayed calm, relaxed and generous. There was none of that misbehavior that makes the news.

Between now and the Feast of Christ the King on Nov. 20, we will hear about some of the people Jesus encounters who help us understand what it means to believe that “the kingdom of God is in our midst.” As Jesus meets various people, he calls them and us as we hear their stories to discover what God is doing within their midst, within the limited circumstances and imperfect relationships of human life.

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