Sunday’s Bulletin Cover

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Continuing with our ongoing “parish artists” series of bulletin covers, here’s a peek at next Sunday’s masterpiece, lovingly contributed by a member of OLW’s SPRED Ministry — our first ministry contribution!

ABOUT SPRED: SPRED is a program developed by the Archdiocese of Chicago to foster the religious development of persons with developmental disabilities. Here at OLW our SPRED group consists of eight volunteer Catechists paired with six Friends, aged 22 and older. Through this program Friends discover a place where they belong and enjoy meaningful relationships, which not only helps them realize their individual importance to God, but also prepares them to enter community worship at OLW. If you know anyone interested in joining this Ministry, as a Friend or Catechist, please feel free to contact Lynne Toomey at For more information on the OLW SPRED program, please visit the MINISTRIES page on our website.

PS: With School & REP students on Summer Vacation, we’re looking for OLW parishioners (of all ages), families, ministries, groups, artists and/or doodlers to submit COVER ART for our Sunday Bulletins! Please click HERE for more information.

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