Calling all Rembrandts, Picassos (and Doodlers)…

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With School & REP students on Summer Vacation, we’re looking for OLW parishioners (of all ages), families, ministries, groups, artists and/or doodlers to submit COVER ART for our Sunday Bulletins!

Artwork can be based on your interpretation of a specific Sunday Gospel, or something more abstract (Fruits of the Holy Spirit, Beatitudes, faith, love, etc.). Imagination encouraged!

Rather than revert to stock art covers [booooooring!!], we’d love to continue showcasing the artistic skills and imaginations our talented parishioners. Don’t be shy! Do you belong to ministry or parish group? Why not get together, get your Picasso on, and provide a month’s worth (four or five) covers?  Be the “ministry (or group) with the mostest!!” 

To submit a bulletin cover, download a SUBMISSION FORM by clicking HERE. Let your creativity run wild, then submit the form to our Parish Office (Attn: Sean Reilly).  If your submission is for a specific Sunday, specify which Sunday the submission is for.  Please include your name, phone, and email information so we can follow-up with you. If you belong to an OLW ministry or group, be sure to include that information as well.

Our “local artist” bulletin covers have brought smiles to many parishioners’ faces since Advent 2021, and caught the attention of the Chicago Catholic Newspaper and the Archdiocese of Chicago Let’s keep it going Waysiders!

Questions? Contact Sean Reilly, OLW Communications Director, at or 224.518.1777.

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