Father Mark’s Easter Reflection

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Father Mark Augustine delivered a joyous homily at the Easter Vigil Mass at Our Lady of the Wayside. He began by remarking how great it is, after two years, to celebrate the Easter Vigil “the way it was meant to be celebrated.”

Father suggested that the foundation of our church should be shaking with joy, “We are on the cusp of a new beginning, here and now. Tonight above all other nights, we begin to see the joy of the resurrection, of a new life that is beginning — of God’s definitive victory. We see a love that is more powerful than hatred, fear and oppression — a love that will heal and strengthen us — a love that has made present our very redemption and can conquer the world and transform hearts and minds.”

Father concluded, “Jesus Christ is risen from the dead. Light has won. Light is victorious. The light of God has conquered death and darkness, and is leading us down the path of everlasting glory. This is worth celebrating!”

Enjoy Father Mark’s Easter Homily below…

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