Father Mark’s Reflection: Good Friday

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On Good Friday, the second day of the Sacred Triduum, Father Mark Augustine shared a reflection on the Lord’s Passion. He meditated on the “300-yard journey” that was the Stations of the Cross, the agonizing crown of thorns placed on Jesus’ head to mock him, and the shoulder wounds of Christ – His most severe wounds because they bore the weight of the Cross and the “weight of all our sins.”

Father Mark challenged those present and watching via livestream to imagine where they fit in the Passion story? Are you a distant observer who stood back and watched? A roman soldier who mocked and tortured Jesus? Or like Pontius Pilate who wanted nothing to do with him? Or His Blessed Mother who journeyed with Jesus to the end, and stood faithfully at the foot of His cross? Father suggested that, at times, we play many of these roles — even the ones we wish we weren’t in — but today, we “Walk with Christ on the way of sorrow.” We must be willing to pick up our cross and journey on that same path.

Watch Father’s Marks Good Friday homily below…

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