Saying “Yes” in Dark Times

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Second Sunday of Lent

Sight and hearing are the two most important senses. Hearing begins the way that leads to understanding. This understanding and obedience leads us to act. Abraham, the Father of Faith, listened to God perfectly. In turn, he was given a promise: a land, descendants, and God’ special blessing. God’s promise, however, was not a clear; it was shrouded in darkness. And yet, Abraham believed that which was impossible would happen.

From the moment that God made the covenant with Abraham, Abraham resigned from the guarantee and certainty of understanding everything in his life from a human point of view. He entrusted himself to God and placed his future in God’s hands. If it is not already, it will be like this in our life. We will undergo trials like Abraham. Sometimes God puts us in difficult situations. Sometimes God allows us to experience something very painful, such that we cannot cope on your own. This difficulty does not allow us to stay in our illusions.

The trials in which we find ourselves push us into a state of polarization. They are intended to help us desire God as the highest value. What is this polarization?

Polarization is a situation where we must say either “yes” or “no” to God. If we reject God, we also reject faith.

If, like Abraham, we decide to follow God, then we also consent to following God in the darkness of believing. In the darkness, we will be hungrier for God, His grace, and His Love. And the hungrier we are for God, the more the Holy Spirit can descend into our hearts. This entrustment in the darkness is the hallmark of every saint’s life.

During this Lenten Season, please take some time to ask Our Lady of the Wayside for Her help and Her maternal care every day. Mary accompanied Her Son and She had faith—perfect faith—in the face of great darkness. So we can ask Her to help us to believe God and to trust Him. She will help us find our way to Jesus during this Lent and always.

Yours in Christ,
Father Arthur

PS: Please continue to pray for Ukrainians who are facing a time of enormous trial and darkness. Pray that they will find the grace and strength to endure, overcome, and to not lose faith in God.

Readings for the Second Sunday of Lent: Lectionary 27

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