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Next week is Commitment Sunday for the 2022 Annual Catholic Appeal. The theme for this year’s Appeal has special importance in light of what we have all experienced in the past two years. The theme is: “Making all things new … God’s promise and our responsibility.”

These words direct us to look into the future and, more specifically, to hear God’s promise to make all things new. They also direct us to look at our lives now and to claim our responsibility to work with the Lord to bring about that promised future.

After dealing with the pandemic, social unrest, economic uncertainly, and each one’s personal life challenges, we certainly all need to reclaim God’s promise of a transformed world. We also need to recommit ourselves to work—each in our own way—to foster that transformation.

This Sunday’s readings help us to focus on God’s promise and our responsibility. In his letter to the Corinthians, Saint Paul affirms the power of the Risen Lord Jesus. Dying he destroyed our death and rising he restored our life. That is the greatest and final promise of our future, of making all things new. We need to cling to that promise, especially as we face life’s challenges.

The gospel is Luke’s version of the beatitudes. What is especially noticeable in each beatitude is a way that our current and often trouble state of life is changed, made new: from poverty to possession of the Kingdom, from hunger to being satisfied, from weeping to laughter, and from hatred to reward. At each juncture—from present to future—we are called to commit ourselves in hope and work with God to move into that future.

The Annual Catholic Appeal is an occasion to hear God’s promise of making all things new once again. It is also an occasion to support that transformation through our investment of time, talent, and treasure.

Our financial support, our prayerful support and our direct involvement in the Church’s outreach in parishes, education, religious and ministerial formation, initiatives for justice, peace, and respect for life—all focus on the transformation God promises and our responsibility to collaborate with the Lord. There are envelopes and brochures available for you in the back of the church for you to take on your way out.

Across the next week, please reflect, pray and ask yourself how you can reclaim God’s promise and once again take up your responsibility. Prayerfully consider how your contribution of time, talent and treasure will help you to do this.

The Eucharist we are about to celebrate is a continuous reminder that, indeed, the Lord is making all things new. And when we receive him, we take that promise and our responsibility into our hands.

As always, your generosity is deeply appreciated. May God bless you!

Yours in Christ,
Father Arthur

Readings for the 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time: Lectionary 78

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