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Ministries are the lifeblood of any great parish and, as we begin to reemerge from a 15-month COVID-induced hibernation period, we are looking to REIGNITE our great Ministries.

Our Lady of the Wayside Parish welcomes you to join our ministry family where you will find an opportunity to give of yourself by helping others in addition to growing personally/spiritually in our faith community. Below is a list of Parish Life Ministries. Next week, we’ll feature additional ministries.

Christian Family Movement (CFM): Through the dynamics of small group discussions held in members’ homes, CFM members come together to learn, grow and support each other in becoming and living as the people of God through actions of love, service, education and example. Contact Carol and Jim Stuber:

Coffee House: Host a casual evening of music and beverages for the entire family. Contact Neil Loughery:

Easter Egg Hunt: Coordinate an Easter Egg Hunt event following by a blessing of Easter baskets and food in Church. Contact Suzanne Belmont:

Hospitality – Sunday Coffees: Offer parishioners fellowship over coffee and donuts after Sunday morning masses. Contact Elizabeth Bauer:

Knights of Columbus: Provide members and their families with volunteer opportunities in service to the Catholic Church, their communities’ families and young people. Contact Scott Baxendale:

Men’s Basketball: Offer fellowship to parishioners with a shared interest in basketball. Contact Joe Rooney:

Men’s Golf: Offer fellowship to parishioners with a shared interest in golf. Contact Larry Lawrence:

Parish Picnic: Coordinate the annual picnic where parishioners can enjoy time together over games, food and fun. Contact Katie Aulenta: picnic@olwparish@org.

Senior Waysiders: Plan and host luncheons and outings for parish seniors. Contact Cathy Sloan:

Women’s Bowling: Offer fellowship to parishioners with an interest in bowling. Contact Marge Marchese:


For a list of WORSHIP & SPIRITUAL LIFE Ministries,
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For a list of CARE & OUTREACH Ministries,
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For a list of EDUCATION Ministries,
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