This Pentecost, We Turn to the Spouse of the Holy Spirit

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Pentecost Sunday 

Pentecost was not so much an event as it was an experience. The descent of the Holy Spirit was not just something that happened to the Apostles, as if they were unconscious. Instead, the Apostles encountered the Holy Spirit, meaning that they experienced God’s Love in a very personal way and powerful way.

As you all know, there are three persons in the Trinity: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The Father loves the Son, and the Son loves the Father. The outpouring of their love for each other is manifested in the Third Person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit. In this way, on Pentecost the Apostles experienced and were caught up in the very love that exists between the Father and the Son—a Love that was so strong that they were literally impelled to share it with everyone they met.

Someone else who experienced the outpouring of the Holy Spirit even before Pentecost was the Blessed Mother. By carrying Jesus in Her womb and by being the only perfect human creature, the Blessed Mother experienced the fullness of the exchange of Love between the Father and the Son. She experienced this Love that is the Holy Spirit in such a profound way that the Church even calls Her the Spouse of the Holy Spirit. It is for this reason that God entrusted all of the Apostles to Her care—She was with them when they were afraid and locked in the upper room—until Jesus returned and breathed the Holy Spirit on them.

On this Pentecost Sunday, and throughout the remainder of this month of May, which is dedicated to Mary, let us turn to the Blessed Mother and ask Her for Her intercession so that God will fill each of us with His gift of the Holy Spirit. Let us turn to the Spouse of the Holy Spirit every day and ask Her to accompany us always so that we may learn from Her how to discern and respond to the action of the Holy Spirit in every moment of our lives. 

Words of Congratulations 

Due to a previously planned trip to Poland to participate in my niece’s First Holy Communion, I will be out of town for the next two weeks. Because of this, I will not be present for the closing of the academic year at Our Lady of the Wayside School. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our school principal, teachers, and all the parents for their dedication and hard work, which was so clear during this past year. We faced and unprecedented situation with the outbreak of Covid-19, and both the school and parish community responded beautifully to ensure that our school children would not only not fall behind, but also thrive.

I would also like to congratulate our eighth graders who make up the graduating class of 2021! You have many exciting years of learning and growth ahead of you, and it is my hope and prayer that you will continue to thrive not only in your personal development and education, but also in your spiritual lives. Your education and formation at Our Lady of the Wayside is a firm foundation upon which I hope you build by growing in holiness and a readiness and willingness to serve the Church and the world in whatever manner God calls you. Maybe the Lord continue to bless you, may Our Lady of the Wayside accompany you every day along the path of life, and may you all be reassured of our continued prayers in your intention.

Yours in Christ,
Father Arthur

Readings for the Pentecost Sunday: Lectionary 62



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