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This just in from Our Lady of the Wayside’s Deacon Don Grossnickle:

So glad to share news of my MAAPF friend Pavan.

Pavan and I and MAAPF worked to support his research fighting deadly malaria. He needed a microscope and I found one donated by Wayside’s Mary Walters’s father a retired surgeon destined for a MAAPF clinic in Uganda. I connected with Pavan to support his work which can change the world dealing with malaria.

Later, Pavan needed malaria blood samples for his work. I contacted two of MAAPF doctors in clinics in Nakifuma and Nyenga Uganda. Through great effort and difficulty, the slides arrived for his work. I am so convinced this story points the way for more Uganda and US collaboration with student and other entrepreneurs.

Congratulations Pavan and MAAPF who joined this entrepreneur in carrying out a plan to change the world. We thank God for the gifts we share to love and serve others, especially those who are suffering.

See Daily Herald article: Fremd H.S. senior named U.S. Presidential Scholar after developing algorithm to diagnose malaria

Deacon Don

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