We Gather With Joy!

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Christmas 2020

Today we gather in our Church with great joy to celebrate the birth of Jesus. To some people, Jesus is an unwelcome intruder. Herod and the Pharisees are a perfect example of those who had this point of view.

We who believe, however, know that Jesus is anything but an intruder. Today, my brothers and sisters, as we celebrate the feast of Christmas, we have a special opportunity to welcome Jesus into the world and into our hearts. It is only right to do this because Jesus’ heart encompasses the entire world, and His Love keeps the world and us in existence. He is so good to us and so gentle, even when life seems so uncertain and chaotic because of the coronavirus.

Let us remember that, in the midst of our uncertainties, Jesus enters into the world of our human frailty as a Child, whose Love is the light and joy of our lives. And in Him, we have EVERYTHING.

On this special day, on behalf all of the parish staff, I would like to wish all of you the experience of God’s Love and the warmth that radiates from Jesus’ heart. Merry Christmas to all of you!

Yours in Christ,
Father Arthur

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