CFM Calendar

2022-2023 CALENDAR

Leader Meetings begin promptly at 7 pm.
Small-Group Meetings begin at 8 pm.
Large-Group Events listed in bold.

Sunday, August 28 CFM Leadership Training
Friday, September 9 1st Meeting: Chapter 1
God’s Tool in Modeling His Love to Others
Friday, September 23 Adult Event – Lasagna Dinner
Friday, October 7 2nd Meeting: Chapter 2
Messy at Times, Yet Loved by God
Saturday, November 12 Family Event – Feed My Starving Children 2:00 – 3:45PM
Friday, November 4 3rd Meeting: Chapter 3
A Family of Families in a Parish
Thursday, November 24 Thanksgiving Agape – 9:00 am Mass & Hospitality
Friday, December 2 4th Meeting: Chapter 4
Making Life Choices by Informing our Conscience
Friday, January 6 5th Meeting: Chapter 5
An Epiphany of God’s Unconditional Love to the World
Sunday, January 22 Family Event – Chili Cook Off
Friday, February 3 6th Meeting: Chapter 6
A School of Faith, Hope, Love and Charity
Friday, March 3 7th Meeting:  Chapter 7
Witnessing God’s Eternal Love in the 21st Century
Friday, April 14 8th Meeting:  Chapter 8
Living the OJA Lifestyle
Saturday, April 29 Spring Party

Note: There will be an action associated with each social event.