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Your Assistance Requested: Parishioner Update/Registration

Date: June 1, 2022
Time: ongoing

Dear Wonderful Waysiders,

THANK YOU to all parishioners (existing and new) who have already updated your particulars — either by completing the Parishioner Update/Registration cards in church, or by doing so online. Our parish database is refreshing, even as you read this!

If you have not yet refreshed your particulars, will you please take just a moment to update your information by clicking HERE?

Many years have passed since our last information overhaul, and much has changed (i.e. digital communications, e-giving, several popes). Verifying the completeness and accuracy of your information will allow us to better-serve and more effectively communicate with you – streamlining how we communicate, and what information we send (or don’t send) you. Win-win!

Thank you for your assistance, and for being a vital part of our parish family!

Ewelina Sokolowski
Operations Director