It’s a New Year!

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Dear OLW Parishioners,

Happy New Year! You read that correctly. July 1st marked the new fiscal year at Our Lady of the Wayside and across the Archdiocese. After hours of calculations, deliberations and number crunching we managed to produce a balanced parish budget which was blessed by Fr. Arthur, approved by the Finance Council and accepted by the Archdiocese.

To accomplish balancing the budget, we have a very significant ‘ask’ of you, our faithful parishioners. We are asking for each family to increase their weekly offering by $6.

Our parish has approximately 2,050 registered families – 1,000 of which actively support the parish via weekly envelopes or online giving. If all 2,050 families contributed an additional $6 per week, the parish would net a $639,600 gain, resulting in a surplus of $315,000 – money we would invest and use for future needs. If only the current 1,000 families that support our parish increase their offering, the parish would see an increase of $312,000, the exact amount we need to balance the budget. If you are not contributing presently, we would be most grateful if you would begin to do so. Our parish needs your support. If you are one of the special 1,000 who give regularly, we thank you for your continued generosity.

We are living in a time of rising prices – everything we need to efficiently operate the parish is increasing. The Parish’s only true source of income is the Sunday offerings made by you our faithful parishioners.

Over the last six months I, along with OLW’s Finance Council, have advised Fr. Arthur on the best ways to most efficiently utilize our funds. The cost of day-to-day operations is increasing and we have challenges ahead. Special projects like the middle school bathroom renovations, windows in rectory, raising of sidewalks and church doors are costing more than originally budgeted – and the ‘to do’ list is growing. For example, the nine (circa 1950s) bathrooms in the grade school need renovation and our parking lot needs updating and stone repairs. Based on parishioner feedback (many shared they appreciate the improvements we are making), Our Lady of the Wayside is headed in a positive direction.

Taking all of this into account, I believe YOU, the parishioners of Our Lady of the Wayside, will step up and support us in our quest. Is it not worth $6 more a week to continue to see our parish grow?

Thank you for your ongoing and increased support of our Parish.

Vivat Jesus,

Patrick j. Fitzgerald
Operations Director

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