We Are in the (Hearing) Loop

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Our Lady of the Wayside Church has had a hearing loop since 2018. The system has been designed to cover all seating areas in the church and will allow any hearing aid equipped with a telecoil to listen directly to our PA system. This results in very clear sound to the hearing aid and makes speech very easy to understand.

Many hearing aids already have a t-coil (also called a telephone coil, telecoil, or audio coil) installed and simply need to be activated by your hearing care professional. To make use of the system, just ask your hearing care professional a few questions:

  1. Do my hearing aids have a t-coil?
  2. If yes, Can you please activate it? If no, do my hearing aids have a compatible streaming device to connect to the loop?
  3. Please show me how to put my hearing aids into “t-coil mode”?

If anyone would like to learn more about hearing loops please request a brochure from the parish office or visit

If you have any questions, please call or email Kathy O’Neill at (224) 518-1780 or email

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