Pilgrimage Update: Success!

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After 12 days; 240 kilometers (149 miles); 403,788 steps (no, I didn’t count them, my iPhone did); daily Rosaries and Chaplets of Divine Mercy; numerous Divine Office Morning and Evening prayers; several Masses; one case of tendinitis (+more ibuprofen that you could shake a stick at)—AND with God’s direction and mercy—I arrived at Santiago de Compostela on 17 April, 2024 (that’s how they say the date in Europe).


Through your prayers and support, I dutifully offered up each and every one of your prayer intentions, which I personally carried throughout my pilgrimage. These prayer intentions were heard by our Heavenly Father, through the intercession of St. James, to whom I personally delivered your intentions.

In offering up your intentions, I asked our Heavenly Father to answer them as requested. And, once answered, I prayed that those asking give thanks to God and glorify His name.

But, if such prayers were not answered at this time as requested, I requested that God give those asking a greater understanding of His will. That they be graced with the Holy Spirit’s wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and fortitude to better understand and accept God’s will, whatever it may be. Like you, I thanked the Lord for hearing our prayers. I too pray that we take the time, the place, and the space to see how the Lord is moving us in cooperating with His grace.

—With love, Deacon Paul

PS: Keep a look out in upcoming bulletins, as Deacon Paul intends a future talk to share the details of his pilgrimage!

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