Danielle Pitzer Steps Down at Wayside for Family Ministry

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Dear Wayside Parish family,

I have been called to spend the majority of my time in my own family ministry. My mother is quite ill and is on her final journey home to our Lord. My daughter recently gave birth to her first child and the first grandchild. Our little Elias (Eli) is a joy and a light during some of the harder times of caring for my mom.

As my time comes to a close as a lay minister at OLW parish, I am grateful for this opportunity to pause and offer you all a great big, heartfelt THANK YOU for welcoming me into the heart of the parish and for allowing me to stretch and grow personally and professionally. Each parish group I have worked with has provided fellowship and opportunities for service that I did not know were possible. Thank you for making it all not only possible but reality!

To school leadership, teachers, and families: thank you for sharing your students at monthly family Masses and Faith into Action service opportunities and weekly school Masses. Your graciousness in adapting to changes in how we celebrate special sacraments and beloved school traditions was a blessing. It was challenging to start from scratch, but heartwarming to see how it all worked because we all worked together.

To parish families: thank you for rolling with changes to the religious education program, for being open to trying new opportunities, and for volunteering so generously. Your kindness and helpfulness means so much to me.

To catechists and volunteers: without you much of what I was able to establish in the parish would not have happened. Your support, time spent, and willingness to take action embodies, in all the important ways, servant leadership. You all have inspired me and will continue to inspire me for the rest of my life.

To parish leaders and staff: thank you for teaching me what I needed to know, supporting me when I needed a 3rd (and 4th and 5th) hand, filling in for me when I learned over and over again I am physically incapable of being in two places at once, and for listening when I needed to share. I will miss seeing you daily and sharing parish life with you.

To Fr. Arthur: thank you for your support in the programs for which I was responsible. Without your leadership and your trust in me, the parish would not have such a robust religious education and faith formation program. I am confident the program will continue to succeed with your continued support.

Please keep me and my family in your prayers as I will keep you all in mine.

May the light of God surround you always,

Danielle Pitzer

PS: Details of a REP succession plan will be shared with parishioners after the New Year Holiday.

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