A Prayer for our Veterans

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God of peace,

We pray that you bless all those who have served their country through service in the armed forces. Grant healing to those veterans who have been wounded, be it in body, mind or soul.

We pray especially for those young men and women who come home to lives of suffering and loneliness. Offer them the solace that only You can, and may we pray for them often, especially when they feel they cannot pray. Echoing John Paul II, as a way to honor all the veterans of past wars, we ask for an end to wars and the dawning of a new era of peace.

Lord, have mercy. Bring peace to our hearts, the hearts of all veterans and to the regions in which they fought. Grant, we pray, the creative vision to see a world that, weary with fighting, affirms the life of every human being and so moves beyond war.

Prince of peace, hear our prayer,


Source: Catholic Health Association of the United States


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