URGENT – Save the Invest in Kids Program

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Veto Session is underway in Springfield.

Now is the time to contact your State Senator and State Representative and urge them to support House Bill 4194, which extends the Invest in Kids Tax Credit Scholarship program. This program provides scholarships for low-income students to attend a nonpublic K-12 school of their choice. Funded by private donations, this program is currently helping over 9,500 students remain in their school of choice and has an additional 26,000 students on a waiting list for this same chance. It is critical to get this message to as many General Assembly members as quickly as possible.

In addition, please contact Governor Pritzker’s office and tell them that you are pleased to hear that he supports every child’s K-12 education choice, be it in public or nonpublic school. Tell him that you are supporting Invest in Kids and hope he signs any legislation that would continue the Invest in Kids Tax Credit Scholarship program. Please share that not only do you support public schools with your tax dollars, you also support the nonpublic schools with your prayers and financial support.

Sadly, the opponents to this scholarship program are incorrectly defining the Invest in Kids Tax Credit scholarship program as a voucher program that is stealing money from the public schools and distributing it to the nonpublic schools. This is simply not true. There is no money flowing from the public schools to the private schools; these scholarships are funded through private donations! Last year, the public school system in Illinois was appropriated over $8.3 BILLION through the school funding formula. The Invest in Kids Tax Credit Scholarship program has the ability to raise up to $75 million through private donations and provide a tax credit to donors. While this program is nowhere near the size of the public school system budget, it does provide eligible students and their families with a quality educational choice.

Let’s help every student, no matter what their economic status, to attend the school system that is best for them.

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