What is a Friend?

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Discovering what it means to be a friend is part of the teenage experience. Teens are busy creating their self identity; which often means their friends and allies may change depending upon their interests. If you have or are surrounded by teens you may notice teens often become ‘best friends’ with another teen very quickly. However, just as quickly as the ‘best friendship’ bloomed, it can also easily wither.

Shifting friend groups may be normal for teens, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt. Teens need guidance and understanding from the trusted adults in their life about what it means to be a healthy friend and how to recognize when someone is being a good friend or being a bad friend. Below is a checklist to help you get the conversation started about good vs bad friends.

Good vs Bad friend check list
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A Good Friend:

  • Is kind to you
  • Spends time with you
  • Respects you
  • Doesn’t make demands of you
  • Doesn’t force you to do something you don’t want to do
  • Never bullies you
  • Will defend you when you aren’t around
  • Compliments you
  • Listens to you
  • Trusts you
  • Shares feelings with you
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Are you a good friend?  Do you have good friends?

A Bad Friend

  • Is mean to you
  • Ignores you or ditches you
  • Disrespects you
  • Makes demands of you
  • Manipulates you
  • Forces you to do things you don’t want to do
  • Bullies you
  • Talks behind your back
  • Spreads gossip about you
  • Rips you down with their words
  • Doesn’t listen to you
  • Never shares anything real with you
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Are you a bad friend? Do you have bad friends?


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