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In a continued effort to better serve OLW parishioners, we continue the ongoing task of updating our parishioner database.

We are currently in the process of contacting – by phone – all parishioners who have not recently updated their information using pew cards or the online form.

This process is challenging, as many parishioners no longer use land-lines in their homes and, instead, use mobile phones.

Without an updated phone number, we have no way of knowing if a disconnected land-line means you are no longer an active parishioner, or if you simply switched to a mobile phone using a number we don’t have.

If you receive a call from Tish Gruendl or another OLW staff member, please take the call and help us update your information.

To date, we have called, or tried to contact, all parishioners whose last names begin with the letters A–H. If we have not contacted you, please contact us!

If you have disconnected your land-line and are using a mobile phone number we don’t currently have in our system, please do one of the following:

  • Contact the Parish Office at 847.253.5353
  • Visit the Parish Office for assistance
  • Update your information online by CLICKING HERE.

As we continue the Renew My Church process, it is vitally important we have an accurate picture of our parish and parishioners. Helping us update your information will only take a few minutes and will allow us to better serve you and our parish.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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