Celebrate 70 Fun Fact: Catholic Action

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The “Solemn Dedication” publication of Our Lady of the Wayside, published in 1958 – just as our new Church was dedicated – praises volunteers and parishioners who worked tirelessly and gave selflessly to raise funds to build our school, rectory, convent and church.

One paragraph sums up the enormous effort and sacrifice made by all…

“In this chronology, no mention has been made of the very many profitable undertakings of the various committees of both the Holy Name Society [Men’s Group] and the Catholic Woman’s Club. Holiday fairs, bake sales, ice cream socials, auctions, the annual “Night Under the Stars,” and other events — each deserves on its own merits special mention and gratitude to the men and woman who worked so hard to make them successful. The support of the parishioners and our other friends who attended them, helped us materially with our building program, to which all the proceeds were directed. To mention individuals, however most deserving, could well run the risk of unintentionally omitting some. Each affair, large or small, brought people of a common mind together for common action — Catholic Action with a visible as well as invisible objective.”

As we Celebrate 70, let us not forget the commitment, dedication, energy, and abundant sacrifices made by our pioneer pastors, priests, deacons, nuns, staff, and parishioners — and those who followed in their footsteps. It’s vitally important — for the future of this parish — that we do not become complacent nor take for granted all we have been gifted, both materially and spiritually.

The future of Our Lady of the Wayside will be determined by the faith, dedication, and actions of this current generation, and generations that follow.

Our Lady of the Wayside, pray for us!

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