Respect Life Corner: Chastity; Freedom, Peace & Romance Without Regret

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In today’s world, it seems backwards that a couple would abstain from sex before marriage. Watch any TV show or movie and the couples are always sleeping together while dating. What a strange thought that we need to “try each other out” sexually in order to know if we are compatible. How can chastity be a solution and help us promote the sanctity of life?

1. What is chastity?

Chastity is sexual self-control. It means placing sexual intimacy within one relationship and one relationship only: Marriage. For centuries, chastity has been an admired moral virtue. It brings good news because those who practice it do not have to spend valuable time worrying about pregnancy or other diseases.

2. Why bother saving yourself for your spouse?

There is no greater gift a man and a woman can give each other on their wedding night than the gift of their virginity. And it’s a gift you can give only once. It provides those who practice it freedom from guilt, being used by others, pregnancy, the trauma of abortion, and freedom to develop self-control and self-respect.

3. What if you already ‘unwrapped the box’ so to speak?

Remember, chastity is a spiritual, not a physical, state. Chastity is about sexual self-control, an attitude of respect and gratitude for the gift that sex is. A person who can no longer regain his or her physical virginity can, at any time, regain chastity. This is often referred to as emotional virginity. Many young people have made the decision to return to chastity.

4. How can I be chaste?

Chastity is a part of yourself that is communicated through your daily words and actions. There are three kinds of language: verbal, body and clothing. Understand how to have modesty in your dress, speech and action. It is possible to say “no” to sex in all three ways. If you are pressured to go farther than you wish, it only shows how your partner loves him/herself more than you.

5. Anything is possible with God

Last month were viewed how our bodies are created by and for God. It might seem impossible to practice this virtue but, with prayer, and God helping you understand your limits, anything is possible! You can choose chastity for your future path.

Chastity is not something that just our grandparents practiced. It’s a practical solution to the issues and problems facing our secular culture today. It’s a beautiful contract between yourself and the person you are involved with, and invites God to participate in, and to guide your relationship. If you know someone who is wrestling with this topic or might benefit from this article, please share it with them!

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