Reminder About Email SCAMers

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Just a heads up Waysiders… the email SCAMers are at it again.

Emails from factitious Gmail accounts posing as Father Arthur and Father Gilbert, asking for you to engage with them in some way, have been sent to some parishioners. This technique is called phishing (pronounced fishing) and it is a cybercrime. To learn more about phishing, click HERE.

As most of you are probably aware, neither Father Arthur nor Father Gilbert use Gmail accounts. If you receive an email from a Gmail account claiming to be either priest, just HIT DELETE. Do not open the email. Do not engage with the sender.

When in doubt about the origin or content of an email appearing to come from any OLW Parish priest, deacon, or employee, please feel free to contact our staff in the Parish Center at 847.253.5353.

Better safe than sorry!


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