REP Update: Weeks of March 19 & 26

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Here’s the REP schedule for the Weeks of March 19 & 26, 2023.

Tuesday, March 21    

  • 4 pm,  1st through 4th grade classes meet
  • 7 pm, 5th and 6th grade classes meet

Tuesday, March 28      

  • No REP Classes: SPRING BREAK!

First Pillar of Lent: Prayer

Setting aside more time for family prayer during Lent draws us closer to one another and to God. Through family prayer, we begin to recognize ourselves as a family rooted in Christ’s mission, set aside for good works.

Make a plan. When you have kids, it’s easier to plan to pray than to follow through on it! Still, making a plan can help us work toward our hope of praying more as a family.

Choose specific prayers. It can be helpful to use a dedicated devotional during Lent. Or you may decide to pray a rosary each day, or the chaplet of Divine Mercy.

Don’t give up. If you miss a day or even a whole week, don’t give up! Lent is not just about penance – it’s also about starting again if we have a lapse.


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