DMI Survey: Have You Participated?

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The call-to-action from Our Lady of the Wayside’s participation in the Archdiocese Renew My Church program is to move from maintenance to mission. We were challenged to increase our discipleship and evangelization efforts and programs.

The starting point of this process is the Disciple Maker Index (DMI) Survey which ALL PARISHIONERS are asked to take. To guide our course and assure we are positioned for a successful future, feedback on our efforts to support your spiritual growth is essential. We are looking for as many responses as possible.

All responses to this survey will be kept confidential. Our parish will only receive information about the community as a whole. Results will be shared with all parishioners in late Spring or early Fall.

Please visit to take this survey right now. Or, if you prefer, paper copies of the survey are also available at church exits and at the parish office.

**If you require assistance with the survey in print or digital format, please call 847-253-5353. We are happy to assist!

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