Bishop Grob Delivers Good News, Challenge to Waysiders

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On Saturday, February 18, Bishop Jeffrey Grob concelebrated Mass at Our Lady of the Wayside with Father Arthur and Deacon Don. Following the Renew My Church process we recently completed, Bishop Grob came to deliver good news and a challenge to our parishioners…

The Good News: There will be ‘no structural changes’ to Our Lady of the Wayside. OLW church and school will not merge with any of our neighboring parishes.

The Challenge: Our Lady of the Wayside priests, deacons, parish staff, teachers, ministries and parishioners need to focus on evangelization and discipleship.

Bishop Grob urged parishioners to not become complacent with the status quo, but instead ask themselves, “Is the world any different because of our presence within it? Will people know Jesus Christ because of you and me?” He added, “We are the living body of the Church taken out into the world. How do we continue to build the body of Christ?  How do we fill the pews? How do we engage the world? How do we invite our young people?” How do we make Christ known?”  In conclusion, Bishop Grob encouraged parishioners to keep up the good work and not grow weary, “because we still have a lot of work to do.”

[Editor’s note: One way to NOT be complacent and to be a difference-maker in our parish is to take the Disciple Maker Index Survey HERE. Please tell us what you think. Let your voice be heard. Your opinion matters!]

Following the Mass, Bishop Grob spent time visiting with parishioners in the Gathering Place.


To watch Bishop Grob’s good news and challenge, here’s an excerpt from his homily.

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