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Just before Christmas last year, Our Lady of the Wayside’s Faith Into Action Ministry created and sent 100 Christmas cards and letters to prisoners, in support of the Archdiocese’s Kolbe House Jail Ministry. We recently received the following letter (see below), along with thank you letters from some of the inmates. CLICK HERE to read the letters.

It is truly amazing the difference one small act of kindness and compassion can make in the world!  A big THANK YOU to all volunteers who have made the OLW Faith Into Action Ministry such a success, and to parishioners and parish families who attend Sunday Mass and participate in this ministry. #differencemakers!


Dear Friends,On behalf of all of us at Kolbe House, I want to offer you our sincere thanks for participating in our Christmas Card writing campaign for 2022. It is difficult to truly understand how meaningful this outreach is for the men and women who receive the cards. I hope you will take a moment to review the attached PDF containing a snapshot of the thank you letters that we have been receiving from them. For those who participated with a group or parish, please pass this along to the volunteers, pastor and/or communications staff person so that they can also be made aware of the great impact of this ministry.Some of the individuals who have responded are interested in an on-going relationship through letters. If you are interested in joining our pen pal ministry and being matched to one person, please let me know.We look forward to continuing our relationship with you in the future!

Peace,Emily CortinaCoordinator of Outreach & FormationKolbe House Jail MinistryArchdiocese of Chicago2434 S. California Ave.Chicago, IL 60608


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