FUND THE FUTURE: Help OLW Teens Grow in Their Relationship with God

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As you may know, the teens (the present and future of our church!) are very involved in OLW’s parish & youth ministry events. We offer multiple big events for our youth and many of these events require money from each teen. We don’t want to stifle our teens’ desire to learn more about God just because they may not be able to afford registration fees!

This February, our parish will be hosting our first overnight Kairos retreat since 2019! Kairos is a 4-day retreat that offers an opportunity for our teens to grow in their spiritual lives, experience God in new ways, and learn more about who they are and who God is calling them to be. The Kairos experience has changed many teen’s lives in our parish and all over the world. It is a powerful, moving retreat that allows teens to momentarily escape their world and be engulfed in the beauty of Catholicism.


If you can donate to help make it possible for a teen to attend Kairos, we encourage you to click the link below. If you give us your information, a teen will personally connect with you to thank you for your donation & your willingness to support their faith. If you would rather remain anonymous, that is okay too!

CLICK HERE to donate.


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