REP Update: November 21 & 28

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Here’s the REP schedule for the weeks of November 21 and 28, 2022

Tuesday, November 22

  • No REP classes. Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 27

  • First Day of Advent

Tuesday, November 29

  • 1st through 4th grade classes meet

Tuesday, November 29

  • 7th and 8th grade classes meet

Students please bring your books and folders to class.

Did you know? There are some historians who claim that the first Thanksgiving was actually a Catholic celebration. More than 50 years before the Mayflower, a group of Spanish colonists celebrated Mass and had a feast with native Timucuans in St. Augustine, Florida. Even if this potential “first Thanksgiving” is not recognized in history, the traditionally held event did have a Catholic attendee — Squanto, the Native American who taught the Puritan settlers survival techniques in their new land. Years prior, he had been captured by the English and freed by Franciscans who educated and catechized him.

From Thanksgiving — A Catholic holiday? Today’s Catholic (

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