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There are so many terms regarding abortion that have been politicized in our secular world. From ‘a woman’s right to choose’ and ‘reproductive justice’ to ‘it’s only a clump of cells’ and ‘healthcare,’ these terms obscure the reality of the act of abortion and constitute harmful misinformation because they mask and deceive the truth: Abortion intentionally ends a human life.

In a recent interview, Seth Dillon commented, “What about calling that baby a clump of cells? I think that’s harmful misinformation because you’re encouraging people to kill it like it’s nothing when it’s actually…a developing human life.” (That segment is available on LiveAction’s YouTube channel or at The Joe Rogan Experience on Spotify.)

And yet, there are so many other things to consider when we refer to abortion such as the lifelong effects of abortion, adoption, motherhood, etc. Things we should all prayerfully consider:

  • Besides the great honor of motherhood, there is the loving choice of adoption; Over 2 million couples are waiting to adopt, including babies of all races and special needs.
  • All who support a woman’s right to choose have already been afforded the privilege of being born. Why shouldn’t that privilege be extended to the present and future unborn?
  • Women who have had abortions:
    • Suicide rates are 6X higher, depression is 65% more likely, and eating disorders and drug and alcohol abuse are also common
    • Are at a 60% higher chance of having a future miscarriage and a 44% higher risk of breast cancer.

If any person of goodwill has seen the dismembered body of an aborted baby would they still refer to abortion as the right to choose, reproductive justice, a clump of cells, or healthcare?

In that same interview, Seth continued, “At some point, you have to believe that the magic (of conception) happens because you believe that we eventually become valuable humans. Where’s the moment that you think the magic happens?” That’s a profound question. When do you recognize life and ascribe value to a human being? Our words do matter.

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