REP Update: October 17 & 24

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Here is the REP Schedule for the Weeks of October 17 and October 24, 2022.

Tuesday, October 18

  • 4:00 pm, Grades 1 – 4 meet
  • 7:00 pm,  Grades 5 and 6 meet

Tuesday, October 25

  • 4:00 pm, Grades 1 – 4 meet
  • 7:00 pm, Grades 7 and 8 meet

Students, please remember to bring your books and folders to class.

October is the Month of the Rosary

We celebrated the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary on October 7. The history of the Rosary mostly legend and tradition.  There is evidence that beads were used to count Our Fathers and Hail Marys in the Middle Ages. Between the twelfth and fifteenth centuries, the structure of the Rosary became more like the one we pray today. Tradition also has it that Our Lady appeared to St. Dominic and gave him the Rosary.  Many saints recommend praying the Rosary to ask Mary for help for others and ourselves. In REP this month, each class will spend a little time learning about the Rosary and praying part or all of it. – From, “A Short History of the Rosary”

For more information on the REP Program or to volunteer, please contact Danielle Pitzer at (847) 398-5043 or

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